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Strategic Marketing and PR Support

Do you want media coverage or exposure in a preferred publication? Or do you need help with getting your business noticed, communicating what you offer or getting more visitors to your website who will make a purchase? We support your business with strategic marketing.

We provide marketing consultancy and training to business owners, marketing departments and marketing professionals  including:

  • Marketing Audits
  • Digital Marketing Reviews
  • Strategic Marketing Planning and Implementation
  • Strategic Marketing Support

Contact us TODAY to discuss how we can strategically support your marketing and PR activities, get you noticed, increase engagement and/or drive/convert more visitors to your website.

What Hywel Ifans, Managing Director of  award winning IT support company BCC IT says about our support:

"We are extremely glad of our decision to outsource much of our PR and marketing work to Ferry Cake. Michelle’s enthusiasm is both contagious and inspiring driving us to actually “do” things rather than think about doing them! Ferry Cake are very good at turning an informal conversation into a brainstorming session without you even realising, identifying marketing opportunities and then delivering on them.

The value for money is excellent, but more important is the time you save by outsourcing this work. Our marketing was very poor because we could never find the time to invest in it, Ferry Cake make PR and marketing cost-efficient by saving the time you think it will take."